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With Casarsa Training System


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Casarsa Training System

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It is a system of rearing and pruning of the grapevine of mixed type, consisting of a cord placed at about 150/160 cm from the ground, where they are left of fruit heads of various length according to the fertility of the soil.
Usually their length varies from 4 to 7 buds. The vegetation rises upwards and the bunches of grapes down below the cord.

In July, a foliar thinning is carried out to allow the bunches a linear maturation; also this system, like the Guyot, is partially mechanized allowing to reduce the running costs and also allowing an excellent leaf exposure, increasing the photosynthetic properties of the plant and consequently improving the quality of production.

Guyot Training System

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This form of farming is used for poorer soils because it allows the vine to make the most of its resources.
The plant has a height between 60 and 100 cm.

In carrying out the pruning our company leaves half-shoots of about 15 buds, plus a spur of 3 buds.
This system allows to produce always healthy grapes, being always slightly covered by leaves that develop a uniform maturation.

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